Sunday, March 18, 2007

Keep coming back to the NCAA tourney, not much else going on this weekend I guess. VCU is one tough team, they battle back from 18 points down last night and lose in OT. Impressive team.

We've also go the first nominee for the 69 Tears award. As the name suggests, it is the opposite of a crybaby, and the nominee is: Head Coach Sean Miller of Xavier. His guy gets flagrantly fouled by future zillionaire Greg Oden only the referree calls a normal foul. Player only makes 1 out of 2 to give Xavier a 3 point lead with 5 seconds left instead of a 4 point lead. Or instead of a 3 point lead and the ball as they would if it was a flagrant foul. Ohio State comes down, buries the tying 3 and then wins easily in OT.

Interviewed afterwards, Miller is asked about the flagrant foul. He simply says the refs called what they called and the team has to deal with it, end of story. He knows his team played hard against a prohibitive favorite, gave it their best shot, had the game in their hands at the free throw line and just came up short. End of story, no whining, no tears.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just watched the Duke-VCU game. Duke got the shat kicked out of them. From a gambling standpoint it's too bad they lost, they would have got pummeled in the next game. VCU is tough, skilled, and dangerous and they targeted Greg Paulus and beat him up all game long. Duke's offense never could maintain any sense of rhythm.

Why is Duke so fun to root against? Is it all the bad-haircut white guys? Fun to see them lose a close game, always seems they pull those ones out of their arse.

No tears though, would have liked to see Pawlus cry. Cry, cry, cry.

96 tears.